"This Is It"

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Last weekend, October 31, 2009, I saw “This Is It”. “This Is It” is a film/documentary of Michael Jackson and his preparation for his last tour he would ever do. Since the announcement of the film, I was extremely excited to see it. I knew it would be amazing viewing such talent that Michael has. His music has affected the world to the highest degree ever. People of all ages enjoy his music daily. His death has made his music even more popular. To hear or type about his death continues to feel surreal to me. Because of his death, I now have a greater appreciation for his work. “This Is It” showed me how hard Michael worked on his craft. MJ was an extremely hard worker. Michael’s hard work combined with his talent created a legend. Throughout the film, you could tell he put his heart into every aspect of the tour. Every song that he rehearsed was perfectly crafted. Watching Michael on stage gave me chills. Not one time did he seem tired or unenthused. His dance routines looked better than ever. Watching him dance gave me chills. I had never seen such perfection in my life. The background music, lights, dancers, and singers were perfect. MJ’s background dancer’s respect for him was out of this world. They honored Michael and appreciated his humbleness and sensitivity he showed towards them. He was their idol. The lights showcased Michael and allowed him to shine even more. You could tell his background singers worked diligently to somewhat perfect their voice for Michael’s liking. The background music was simply amazing. It was evident that every musician on the tour put their heart into their instrument. It was as if they had to strive to reach MJ’s level and practiced until they did. Of course everything did not always meet Michael’s expectations. When problems did occur, he made it very clear what he wanted. Immediately the problem was solved and he moved on. Never once did he disrespect anyone in the film. He always showed his appreciation for everyone’s work and praised them for working hard. Michael would always echo “I love you”. If this tour had occurred, it would have been the most amazing event ever. It’s sad his death brought out the much deserved respect he deserved. Maybe now we can acknowledge great talent and honor extraordinary individuals while they are still breathing.


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