'09 Rap Up!

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looooooooooove it! enough said.

more Trey Songz Art

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"yo side of the bed" is allegedly the last single off of Trey Songz new album "Ready" (in Stores NOW!) and it kinda makes me sad ='( i wish he could make a video for every song on the album lol. but anyways, i just made this 'cause i love the song, it's my ringtone lol. but yeah i love the colors too...comments are welcome! :) :) :)

michael jackson "this is it"

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i really really really like this video. not just because it's directed by spike lee. lol. but if you notice, there is A LOT of footage of Gary, Indiana (MJ's hometown) i love that. good job, Spike! ;)

Yo Side of the Bed

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Yo Side - Trey Songz from Jasmine Henderson on Vimeo.

recorded by me :) i can tell he was really feeling it ...Enjoy.

tribute to Trey Songz

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so i really LOVE "Black Roses" ...it's one of my favorite songs off the album "Ready" (in stores and iTunes NOW) i made this! i really wish it was gonna be a single...but as @TroyTaylorTTU would say...who knows?! lol.
yeahh...Trey deserves the GRAMMY. his amazing talented should not go unnoticed. the other nominees are ok...but Trey deserves it the most!

OH! and if you're not following Trey Songz on Twitter CLICK HERE :-)

kanye west: CHI CITY

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soooo...i was bored in class and created this. hmm maybe kanye will see it? that would be awesome! :)

soundtrack to your life?

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what's the soundtrack to your life? is there a song that defines you? is there a song that when you listen to, it explains your feelings, emotions, thoughts, life? i heard this question on friday dec11 and i began thinking. there isn't really one song i can say that about. but now as i sit listening to "the miseducation of lauryn hill" i begin to think. this album is the definition of classic. correct me if i'm wrong but isn't this the last album lauryn put out? it feels as if she left this album for us to ponder on for 11 years on purpose. this album is still effective til this day. so many artists go back and listen to her and gain inspiration...not sure if that's a #fact...but it should be if it isn't. look, it's evident lauryn is a very deep person. she left this music "game" for a reason. i don't know why, but i really wish i did. was this all planned? is lauryn coming back soon with some more knowledge for us? or do we still need to learn from the "miseducation of lauryn hill" well lauryn, some of us are ready, and some of them need to listen more clearly...

killed09 VOLUME1

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young money. i love this video. they look like they had sooo much fun! lol