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on october 19, 2009 (i will never forget this day) i met Trey Songz. one of the happiest days of my life (i am so serious!). i attended the BET 106 & Park Tour.

the first act was Sean Garrett. here's a picture of him. (nice body too lol!) i loved his song "Up In My Heart". his dancers were great too! picture below: up was Day 26. i've been a fan of them since the beginning. it was nice to actually see them in person. a picture of (most of) them is below lol:

...after day 26 was Mario. before the concert began, Mario ran right pass me leaving the HOBs for a quick run i guess? lol ...anyways i didn't know it was him! shame, shame i KNOW! but n-e-ways, i loved his performance and classic songs from "back in the day" lol...picture below:

...then it was a surprise. oh how i love surprises lol :) "birthday sex" started blasting on the speakers ...lo and behold, Jeremih took stage with his cousin Willie from Day 26. ...crowd went BANANAS! he also performed "I'm A Star". i really enjoyed his performance. of course...another picture:

BUT was the event of thee NIGHT! Trey Songz took stage! my oh my, this man is gorgeous. from his voice to his style...just everything about him gives me chills. he sang every song with passion and i loved it! ...but something was going on backstage and they wanted to cut his time short. Trey wasn't having it, though. he said, and i quote, "f*ck them! i love Chicago!" ...and blew kisses to the entire audience. looooooove Trey! pictures of him on stage below:

after "Yo Side" was Trey day had not yet ended :) meet & greet time! after maneuvering through the SOLD OUT crowd, i finally made my way back to the merchandise table to find the other girls w/meet & greet passes! :) we waited while @msmerry21 called the contact to find out where Trey was. ...finally they led us to the destination and Trey appeared. when i saw him, i IMMEDIATELY ran over to him and hugged him! i don't even remember moving my was like an automatic reaction :) lol! i then stood in line and took a picture with him and he hugged me afterwards :)) i was soo happy. he said he remembered me from when he posted me in his blog in August :)) i was even more happy. i was sitting on cloud 9 lol! picture of me and Trey Songz is below:

last but CERTAINLY not least, i met Samiyyah and Najja! they sang backup for Trey during the tour and they KILLED it! they were soo nice...look out for them in the near, near future! pictures of them and I below:

ALL in ALL a GREAT day! i had sooooooooo much fun and would do it all over again in a milli-second. haha.


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