'09 Rap Up!

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looooooooooove it! enough said.

more Trey Songz Art

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"yo side of the bed" is allegedly the last single off of Trey Songz new album "Ready" (in Stores NOW!) and it kinda makes me sad ='( i wish he could make a video for every song on the album lol. but anyways, i just made this 'cause i love the song, it's my ringtone lol. but yeah i love the colors too...comments are welcome! :) :) :)

michael jackson "this is it"

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i really really really like this video. not just because it's directed by spike lee. lol. but if you notice, there is A LOT of footage of Gary, Indiana (MJ's hometown) i love that. good job, Spike! ;)

Yo Side of the Bed

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Yo Side - Trey Songz from Jasmine Henderson on Vimeo.

recorded by me :) i can tell he was really feeling it ...Enjoy.

tribute to Trey Songz

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so i really LOVE "Black Roses" ...it's one of my favorite songs off the album "Ready" (in stores and iTunes NOW) i made this! i really wish it was gonna be a single...but as @TroyTaylorTTU would say...who knows?! lol.
yeahh...Trey deserves the GRAMMY. his amazing talented should not go unnoticed. the other nominees are ok...but Trey deserves it the most!

OH! and if you're not following Trey Songz on Twitter CLICK HERE :-)

kanye west: CHI CITY

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soooo...i was bored in class and created this. hmm maybe kanye will see it? that would be awesome! :)

soundtrack to your life?

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what's the soundtrack to your life? is there a song that defines you? is there a song that when you listen to, it explains your feelings, emotions, thoughts, life? i heard this question on friday dec11 and i began thinking. there isn't really one song i can say that about. but now as i sit listening to "the miseducation of lauryn hill" i begin to think. this album is the definition of classic. correct me if i'm wrong but isn't this the last album lauryn put out? it feels as if she left this album for us to ponder on for 11 years on purpose. this album is still effective til this day. so many artists go back and listen to her and gain inspiration...not sure if that's a #fact...but it should be if it isn't. look, it's evident lauryn is a very deep person. she left this music "game" for a reason. i don't know why, but i really wish i did. was this all planned? is lauryn coming back soon with some more knowledge for us? or do we still need to learn from the "miseducation of lauryn hill" well lauryn, some of us are ready, and some of them need to listen more clearly...

killed09 VOLUME1

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young money. i love this video. they look like they had sooo much fun! lol

the Carter (film)

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a MUST see. lil wayne is a ROCK STAR.

"This Is It"

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Last weekend, October 31, 2009, I saw “This Is It”. “This Is It” is a film/documentary of Michael Jackson and his preparation for his last tour he would ever do. Since the announcement of the film, I was extremely excited to see it. I knew it would be amazing viewing such talent that Michael has. His music has affected the world to the highest degree ever. People of all ages enjoy his music daily. His death has made his music even more popular. To hear or type about his death continues to feel surreal to me. Because of his death, I now have a greater appreciation for his work. “This Is It” showed me how hard Michael worked on his craft. MJ was an extremely hard worker. Michael’s hard work combined with his talent created a legend. Throughout the film, you could tell he put his heart into every aspect of the tour. Every song that he rehearsed was perfectly crafted. Watching Michael on stage gave me chills. Not one time did he seem tired or unenthused. His dance routines looked better than ever. Watching him dance gave me chills. I had never seen such perfection in my life. The background music, lights, dancers, and singers were perfect. MJ’s background dancer’s respect for him was out of this world. They honored Michael and appreciated his humbleness and sensitivity he showed towards them. He was their idol. The lights showcased Michael and allowed him to shine even more. You could tell his background singers worked diligently to somewhat perfect their voice for Michael’s liking. The background music was simply amazing. It was evident that every musician on the tour put their heart into their instrument. It was as if they had to strive to reach MJ’s level and practiced until they did. Of course everything did not always meet Michael’s expectations. When problems did occur, he made it very clear what he wanted. Immediately the problem was solved and he moved on. Never once did he disrespect anyone in the film. He always showed his appreciation for everyone’s work and praised them for working hard. Michael would always echo “I love you”. If this tour had occurred, it would have been the most amazing event ever. It’s sad his death brought out the much deserved respect he deserved. Maybe now we can acknowledge great talent and honor extraordinary individuals while they are still breathing.


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on october 19, 2009 (i will never forget this day) i met Trey Songz. one of the happiest days of my life (i am so serious!). i attended the BET 106 & Park Tour.

the first act was Sean Garrett. here's a picture of him. (nice body too lol!) i loved his song "Up In My Heart". his dancers were great too! picture below:

...next up was Day 26. i've been a fan of them since the beginning. it was nice to actually see them in person. a picture of (most of) them is below lol:

...after day 26 was Mario. before the concert began, Mario ran right pass me leaving the HOBs for a quick run i guess? lol ...anyways i didn't know it was him! shame, shame i KNOW! but n-e-ways, i loved his performance and classic songs from "back in the day" lol...picture below:

...then it was a surprise. oh how i love surprises lol :) "birthday sex" started blasting on the speakers ...lo and behold, Jeremih took stage with his cousin Willie from Day 26. ...crowd went BANANAS! he also performed "I'm A Star". i really enjoyed his performance. of course...another picture:

BUT THEN...it was the event of thee NIGHT! Trey Songz took stage! my oh my, this man is gorgeous. from his voice to his style...just everything about him gives me chills. he sang every song with passion and i loved it! ...but something was going on backstage and they wanted to cut his time short. Trey wasn't having it, though. he said, and i quote, "f*ck them! i love Chicago!" ...and blew kisses to the entire audience. looooooove Trey! pictures of him on stage below:

after "Yo Side" was over...my Trey day had not yet ended :) meet & greet time! after maneuvering through the SOLD OUT crowd, i finally made my way back to the merchandise table to find the other girls w/meet & greet passes! :) we waited while @msmerry21 called the contact to find out where Trey was. ...finally they led us to the destination and Trey appeared. when i saw him, i IMMEDIATELY ran over to him and hugged him! i don't even remember moving my feet...it was like an automatic reaction :) lol! i then stood in line and took a picture with him and he hugged me afterwards :)) i was soo happy. he said he remembered me from when he posted me in his blog in August :)) i was even more happy. i was sitting on cloud 9 lol! picture of me and Trey Songz is below:

last but CERTAINLY not least, i met Samiyyah and Najja! they sang backup for Trey during the tour and they KILLED it! they were soo nice...look out for them in the near, near future! pictures of them and I below:

ALL in ALL a GREAT day! i had sooooooooo much fun and would do it all over again in a milli-second. haha.


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so...i've been interning at Power 92 for about 2 months now. i work in the promotions and marketing area of company. i work on things ranging from handing out concert tickets and prizes to introducing ideas for promotional events. but most importantly, i create graphics for the website and add new communication (hmm tools maybe?) to the internet to allow "fans" globally to interact with the radio station. i looooooove my job. i'm gaining so much experience. i know it's all going to pay off in the future. i pray to God that i am learning as much as possible. i am truly blessed.

check out the link to the website right here: Power 92 Chicago
here's the link to become a fan on facebook: Power 92 on Facebook
and...here's how to follow us on twitter: Follow Power 92

Jay-Z Responds to Beanie "Diss"

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jay definitely supported beanie. end of story.

No Olympics for Chicago

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so that pic up there ^ is the CNA building in downtown Chicago with 2016 on it. ...it's crazy the city had set up a huge celebration downtown...sucks Chicago didn't get it...although i wasn't that upset lol downtown has soo much traffic, imagine if they added 1mil more people...i think the city would just freeze lol

Toy Story 3

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on friday, i went to see toy story & toy story 2 in 3D. (it did not look 3D at ALL!) ...but anyways i loved both movies...brought back some childhood memories lol they showed the trailer for
Toy Story 3 and i can't wait til june to see it :)


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so on thursday i was at work and i had to do this graphic for the website. they were gonna give out tickets online to kanye's tour "fame kills" ...finished the Graphic, came home, seen a tweet from @necolebitchie saying the tour was cancelled :( mann and i was talking about this tour since like march smh


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game day! i'm such a colts fan...love peyton manning! let's go 2-0
(in jay-z voice) ALREADY!

Trey Songz "READY"

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trey songz new album "ready" (the only album i bought this year) that says a lot.

....and here's a video i did cause i really love this song. it's one of my favorites off the album.

i HAD to do a little tribute to trey songz! he even posted a pic of me on his blog right HERE for my "kreative kiss" skills haha (that made my YEAR) so expect more trey songz blog posts! lol :) YUUUP!


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g-shock...in or out? where i'm from (chicago land), i really don't see a lot of people with them. i usually only see people with them on twitter and ustream lol. so i think for me, they're in...and i want a neon green or hot pink one lol :) i like the b&w ones too


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complex magazine is so hott to me. i love their font and layout. it's like never been seen before. i think they are THE magazine for this generation. all the amazing celebrities right now are on complex...and they support KAWS so it's even better. i love it. i'm even considering subscribing just to see what's all in it.


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i love kaws. i was really brought on to kaws by kanye west. his blog and i just recently realized his 808's & heartbreak album had kaws on it. crazy i did a project for school last december that was kaws inspired and i didn't even notice it. anyways, a tribute to KAWS :)

walking into it

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wow! i haven't written in a minute. i started this blog back in july. i knew then, when i started writing, that i needed some time to actually get this blog going. but right now, i think it's a good time to start writing. i've been using twitter very very often. (to say the least) twitter is amazing...especially for the career field i wanna go into. connections are out of this world. it's so easy to contact celebrities, CEOs, artists, etc. i've posted my resume so many places and talked to so many different people. i can almost see what it would be like to have my dream job...and it's an out of this world feeling; to actually do what i love everyday and get paid for it (the way it's supposed t0 be) it's not just the connections that come with twitter that i love. i get tons of inspiration from everyone on there. little tweets that people post inspire me greatly. i remember every quote and share it with everyone. if it's helping me, it's only right to share it with others. right now i'm going for an internship at a well known radio station. i'm trusting God with everything and thanking him in advance. "what God has for me, it is for me" (remind me to find that scripture :) i feel like i'm climbing into my destiny, and all i can think of is miley cyrus' song "the climb" ...it's not about how fast i get there, ain't about what's waiting on the other side...it's the climb. i wanna remember this climb. i'm ready (as trey songz would say) for it all...i'm ready to be what i'm destined to be...and with that comes happiness. leaving you with this quote from kid cudi and i promise i will blog more..."i'm on the pursuit of happiness and i know everything that shine ain't always gonna be gold, i'll be fine once i get it, i'll be good." be blessed/each one

First Blog

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Hey everyone. Hope everyone is having a great day or had one. Life is what you make it. You decide if you want to make today great. Why live life in unhappiness? It doesn't make sense. I think people should just take a second and think about their life. Are you stressed out? Are you upset? If you are, why? Why are you letting this stress you out and why are you letting it upset you? Don't let it! Fix it! Don't dwell on imperfections in life...focus on the outcome of what is at hand. Then you won't let obstacles steal your joy. It's all about making life great...for it is truly short. peace and love. 1.