No Olympics for Chicago

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so that pic up there ^ is the CNA building in downtown Chicago with 2016 on it.'s crazy the city had set up a huge celebration Chicago didn't get it...although i wasn't that upset lol downtown has soo much traffic, imagine if they added 1mil more people...i think the city would just freeze lol

Toy Story 3

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on friday, i went to see toy story & toy story 2 in 3D. (it did not look 3D at ALL!) ...but anyways i loved both movies...brought back some childhood memories lol they showed the trailer for
Toy Story 3 and i can't wait til june to see it :)


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so on thursday i was at work and i had to do this graphic for the website. they were gonna give out tickets online to kanye's tour "fame kills" ...finished the Graphic, came home, seen a tweet from @necolebitchie saying the tour was cancelled :( mann and i was talking about this tour since like march smh